How to choose a quality photographer

How to choose a quality photographer

I’m PASSIONATE about photography. I love creating amazing images that will invoke emotion-filled memories for my clients. And being a mum to two boys, I understand how important having these memories are.

Time and time again, I hear from new clients, that they went to another photographer previously who didn’t deliver the images they were expecting.

That probably had nothing to do with the photographer, and everything to do with the clients expectations.

So, as a professional photographer accredited with the AIPP, certified with the PPAQ and working full time in the industry, here are my tips I give to my friends, family and potential clients [even if they DON'T choose me!] on how to choose a quality photographer.

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The Mechanic Test

When you take your car to a mechanic - are you expecting the mechanic to be trained and qualified? Are you expecting his business to be legitimate and for him to have the right insurances - heaven forbid your car was there for a few days and his workshop caught fire with your car inside. Would you expect him to be using quality tools and also quality parts on your car? Photographers are the same as any other 'trade'. Your family's memories, love stories and bonds are not something that we treat like cheap car parts - we know that your family means more to you than anything materialistic - and those moments and emotions lovingly captured are of our highest priority.

The Business Side of Things

First, always, and I mean ALWAYS, choose a photographer who is running a legitimate business, and carries full public liability insurance. Why? Because you can trust that they are reporting their income to the ATO and thus, “doing the right thing” as a responsible Australian citizen, and that they care enough about their clients and own families to carry public liability insurance. [Public Liability Insurance in the photography industry is the same as Comprehensive Car Insurance for vehicles - you wouldn't drive your car without it - you wouldn't want to be at fault of an accident without it - and you wouldn't want to be the one crashing into someone who doesn't have it].

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Second, look through their images. Do you like what you see? Are the majority of their images ones that you LOVE? Do they speak to you? Do you like their editing style? Do the people in them look happy? Are they having fun? Tip: the images you are seeing are indicative of what you will receive from the photographer, so if you don’t like what you are seeing, chances are you probably wont like what they will deliver to you, either.


Third, don’t be afraid to ask the question: what training has the photographer had? Not all photographers need a degree to produce amazing results – so many of us are gifted with raw talent and are self taught. But every photographer should still be evolving and growing their talent, whether that be through training in workshops, or some form of study to learn new elements that will underpin their growth as photographers, and their editing skills.

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Professional Equipment

Fourth, do they have quality gear? Hear me out: anyone can get an entry level DSLR and shoot on Auto. Anyone, wanting to make the most of their camera, will learn how to shoot in manual mode, force themselves to understand the exposure triangle and preferably shoot in RAW. Anyone. However, a true photographic artist will invest in quality photographic gear and most definitely will have evolved past the standard ‘kit lenses’ that come with most DSLRs. Now, there’s nothing wrong with kit lenses, but they are not professional standard lenses.

Short & Sweet

So here’s my quick recap on how to choose a quality photographer:

~ Are they running a legitimate business?
~ Do they have public liability insurance?
~ Do they deliver high calibre images?
~ Are they undertaking training and upskilling?
~ Do they have professional quality gear?

Hopefully this will help you choose a quality photographer - and help you to understand why good photography the same as any other 'trade' - hiring a professional carries certain expectations about quality - and is very much an investment in your memories - not for you - but for the generations to come.

Luck and love, Aly oxox


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Alyson Brimecombe of Kuya Bunso Photography is a professional photographer, giving her clients a one of a kind experience that is real, inspired and genuine. Aly from Kuya Bunso Photography's work has been featured internationally on 1X, Bored Panda, BeLovely You, Hitched.com.au. Aly is an experienced photographer and wrote this article on how to choose a quality photographer for her clients, friends and family, so they can make the right investment.

Professional Photographer, Alyson Brimecombe of Kuya Bunso Photography covers births from Ipswich, Brisbane and Toowoomba regions.

Alyson Brimecombe of Kuya Bunso Photography is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers Association of Queensland, and is also a member of Birth Photographers Australia.

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