NEW Keepsake USBs are here!

Ipswich Family Photographer NEW Keepsake USBs are here! NEW Keepsake USBs are here! USB3 Social Media Version

Keepsake USBs have arrived!


These little babies have arrived fresh out of the Postie's bag and have already started walking out the door!

These USBs coming lovingly packaged and are designed to protect the USB in a cute and quirky way! They will stay free from dirt and other objects.

Keepsake USBs are automatically given to all wedding, birth and portrait clients who purchase a digital package.

So in light of these super cute Keepsake USBs arriving, here are some tips on USB care.

Making a Duplicate

My first recommendation when you receive your archival Keepsake USB is to purchase a duplicate drive at any electronics store and create a back­up copy of your files on this as well as your computer's hard drive. Having a duplicate copy of your images will prove very useful in transporting your files to share with others without having to worry about damaging your original!


When transporting your Keepsake USB, keeping it stored in a safe, secure position will ensure longevity.


Always store your Keepsake USB with its protective cap on and in a soft bag or container. Leaving the drive's connector exposed will attract dust and sediments which will rapidly decrease its functioning ability. It is not recommended to store your USB in a hot place or direct sunlight; cooler temperatures and dark storage are ideal.

In The Computer

I recommend keeping a copy of your images on your personal computer to minimise the wear and tear on your Keepsake USB due to repeated insertion. Only plug your Keepsake USB in with ample light sources to ensure the drive is properly inserted on the first try. Many USBs have been irreparably damaged due to being plugged in upside down or forced into the computer incorrectly. If the USB won't plug in for some reason, don't force it; double­check to make sure its positioning is correct. Forcing the USB in improperly will not only damage the drive, but your computer as well!

Ipswich Family Photographer NEW Keepsake USBs are here! NEW Keepsake USBs are here! USB2 Social Media Version

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