Why Shopping Centre Photographers Are Not the Right Choice for Your Family


Whilst I don't like to be negative on my page, I want to take this opportunity to educate you on why those shopping centre photographers are not the right choice for you.

They are not interested in what you really want, they are not interested in you as a person, they are not interested in you as a client, they are not interested in your child and finding out about your child's personality.

It might seem like a 'good deal' at the time. You get a free print, just pop your child in our clinical, zero warmth environment, try on these outfits that possibly a dozen other children have worn today.

How much connection can they really get with your child in your 15 minutes?

Support a quality local photographer - one who's image quality you LOVE, one who will build that rapport with you, one who will listen to you, understand you, and 'get' you.

You might pay more, or even less, with a local photographer, but you'll get images worthy of your child, worthy of your family connection, worthy of your time, worthy of your family's love story.

And trust me, your child is worth more than a 15 minute quickie in a shopping centre.

Luck and love, Aly oxox

PS. Feel free to share this status with your friends, and help spread the word on why your family deserves better.

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